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Hebrews to Nebroes
Uncovering Hebrew Customs of Africa


The Hebrew Academy of Detroit (The HAOD) has added a special 8 week class for the winter semester H3001 'Uncovering The Customs of Africa'. This two part course taught by the Author of the book 'Prophetic Whirlwind', Onleilove Alston., will explore the many tribes that were taken into the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. You will discover that Africans were not randomly taken into captivity but there were a particular group of people that were targeted for slavery. 

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Introducing in 2020

Do you want your children to know their history beyond 1619? Are you tired of the miseducation of the American school system? Are you looking for a Black & Hebrew History Curriculum for your homeschooled child? The Online Lions Whelp Hebrew Academy for Kidz is the perfect alternative.

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