1. To prepare all Hebrews and Gentiles who believe that Yah has called them to the work of the ministry, to exercise their gifts in ministry and to work, to keep His Commandments and witness for The Messiah; together with the particular Hebrew Academy of Detroit Instructors, who, by teaching, training and imparting are to equip leaders for Kingdom service, and to present them mature in The Messiah.
  2. To create a learning environment that teaches the supernatural, ethnicity, genealogy, and historical evidence contained within and outside of the pages of scripture pertaining to the original Hebraic faith, people, and doctrine.
  3. To equip matured believers, who wants to be trained in systematic hebraic eduaction and practical ministry essentials, and ready to give their lives for the Gospel (Besorah) Ministry.
  4. To provide Hebrew leaders with a Biblical framework and hands-on ministry skills to practically influence the world with the ultimate goal of the Gosepl and proper discipleship of souls (Matt 28: 19-20).
  5. To help leaders grow in spiritual knowledge and understanding so that they might effectively minister in the context of a local assembly.
  6. To give seekers of the truth a basic working knowledge of the truths of the Bible.