Hebrew Academy of Detroit, an initiative of The Great Awakening, is an institution of learning and training that equips serious seekers and leaders for service in the world. Hebrew Academy of Detroit is a 1 to 2 year program and a seminar institution designed to provide formal Hebrew heritage, biblical teachings, formal Hebraic education, and ministry training through an advanced and accelerated curriculum that educates seekers of the truth to the proper understanding of the scriptures and prepares for them for ministry in their context. Hebrew Academy of Detroit is dedicated to the awakening and gathering of the dispersed of Israel in Diaspora, according to the Scriptures.


Hebrew Academy of Detroit exists to achieve the following purposes:
  1. To wake-up “Black America” and the dispersed of Israel to their true identity as Hebrews of the Scriptures
  2. To expose the truth of the proper historical context and doctrine Scriptures to all races, colors, and ethnicities, spreading the full truth of the gospel.
  3. To assist believers in rediscovering the Hebrew roots of the Faith through the teaching and instruction of biblical truths.
  4. To provide resources for those that want to combat the lies that has been forced on the Christian Church through a false Eurocentric dogma and Teutonic language of the scriptures.
  5. To build a culturally diverse community of learning through our Messiah, Yahusha HaMashiach.
  6. To offer formal education and training that explores the contributions, genealogy, history, and prophecies concerning black people in the Bible and the many African nations played an integral part in the history and development of Israel as a nation.
  7. To train and equip emergent leaders who embrace the Hebrew Faith for the work of the ministry.
  8. To advance biblical, theological and ministry knowledge and skills.
  9. To nurture theological, spiritual and leadership formation.
  10. To enhance the cultural and generation-specific relevance of ministry practice
  11. To encourage life-long development and synergetic learning to current and future leaders called in the Body of Yahusha.
  12. To provide doctrinally sound, ministry-specific training and resources to leaders