H4 Hebrew History 8-12

The first level of History classes, students will learn the history of ancient Israel during the Old Testament period, including its culture and religion, in the light of migration routes, linguistics and archaeological discoveries. 

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This Class Starts June 16, 2020

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About this course

Hebrew History:  This online course will be about the history and customs of our Hebrew culture. My focus will be to build the character of each student. Our character has to be aligning with Yahauh which our perfect example Yahusha (Christ) showed us! The students will know we are the chosen people of Yah, but they will also know we are chosen to serve Yah and be the perfect example for the world to see a wise and understanding people of Yah. Remember Yah said “Yet now hear, O Jacob my servant; and Israel, whom I have chosen:” Isaiah 44:1

What you'll learn

  • Know the character of Yah by the witness of Christ set before us
  • Be able to better understand how to fear & serve Yah
  • Understand you have to examine yourself before you examine others (Hypocrites are the worst)
  • Understand why it is good to honor thy mother & thy father








Up to 1.5hours

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Hebrew History



Meet the instructor

Jameel Jackson
Jameel JacksonTeacher of History and Business
Shalom I am Jameel Jackson native of Tampa, FL married to a beautiful daughter of Zion. I am 28 years of age have been seeking wisdom of the true living God since I can remember words can’t explain how I feel every day because now I am connected to the source and building a relationship with Yahuah through Yahusha Daily. I love to educate people on The Truth of Yah but also on entrepreneurship and building character. Having a brand that has integrity is rare I concentrate on building character daily. This is just the beginning The Most High has so much in store for me as long as I serve him in spirit and truth....

*Price of classes may vary depending on the age of tge child indicated on the application.