Hebrew Personal Development – Auditing Program

The Auditing Program is available to adults who: Have not recently attended high school; are not currently enrolled in an academy, college, or university; and would like to sit in a designated class as a silent observer. No grades, No tests, quizzes, exams, or term paper submissions are involved. Auditors may not concurrently enroll in courses for credit. Audited courses may be repeated for credit after admittance to a regular program. Auditors may complete a total of 16 credit hours with Hebrew Academy International over a lifetime.

HAI Seminars/Workshops are for people who want to deepen and enrich their spiritual life through Hebrew Heritage Studies, theological study, biblical knowledge, exploration of their call to ministry, and/or who want some limited ministerial training but are not seeking a Diploma.

Any course can be taken in a physical classroom or treated as a seminar/workshop or audited course. Over 40 Courses are offered over a schedule year (fall, winter, spring and summer). Courses are scheduled to accommodate those still involved in daytime employment. Required courses and seminars/audits are normally taught during evening hours. Some courses and seminars are offered on weekends and as weeklong intensives.

A non-student may choose to audit a class for enrichment. A non-refundable registration of $120.00 will be charged. To audit or treat any given course as a seminar/workshop, one must go to the Academy’s website to register for each class of interest and pay the audit fee ($120). Forms must be submitted to with the proper information and proof of payment of fee.

The audit privilege permits the auditor to attend a course, providing there is room in the course and the necessary approvals have been granted. It does not require the auditor to take assignments or examinations in the course or to have his or her work evaluated in any other way. The auditor may negotiate assignments presentations, and examinations with the instructor. If the auditor think that he/she might want to use this course in the future as credit, it will be in his/her best interest to complete assignments, presentations, and examinations, although the auditor receives no grade for the course, nor is any record of course attendance kept.

Auditors may change their enrollment status from audit to credit if they become enrolled as a student at a later date. If the auditor decides to enroll in HAI as a student, each course can be counted as credit towards a Degree with the approval of the Administration office.